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Upgrade your home and workspace with distinctive art by Sven Bullaert.
Where stillness becomes inspiration.

ART made to inspire

"The moment I realised that all my ideas and creations were born out of 'stillness', life became so much easier."

Sven Bullaert, artist and serial entrepreneur.

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Art that brings an inspiring stillness.

These works are all created with one specific purpose: to bring stillness into your space, a calmness that makes room for inspiration. The subjects, sfumato painting technique, and specific shape® have been developed so that the works don't impose themselves but rather enter as a gentle vibe. As a result, space is created in our busy minds, the subconscious emerges, inspiration manifests ...

Art with an inspiring story.

Sven Bullaert is an entrepreneur who uses Stillness and Art as the foundation for all his creations, which include some very successful products, companies and brands. You may also reverse it and call him a value-driven artist who uses the income of his artwork to finance new enterprises. He currently does so with the UMU venture studio which is developing a diverse pool of new projects that all aim to inspire us for a more sustainable, spiritual and simple life. (

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Inspire visitors with your own values. 

We are sure that the quest for a more beautiful and sustainable world matches your values; otherwise, you wouldn't have read so far :) With these artworks, you can directly express this in your home or company, to your family, team and all visitors. We believe art brings an intense energy, a 'specific vibe' into a room. Good art also matches your vibe and helps to radiate it to all your visitors. For several people and companies, Sven also made artwork on demand, which is possible! (you can find them on our Artworks page under 'art on demand'.)

Make your hr-manager and accountant happy!

If you want all people to feel more at home and by the end of the year you want good numbers, this art will help! - It's now proven by several studies that art in the office positively affects labour productivity, absenteeism and time-to-hire. Already by the reduction of this cost you will easily earn back art! - We have two simple financial formulas: you can buy or rent. Both have their specific advantage. You can find all details on the productivity studies and financial formulas on our FAQ-page.

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The inspiring story behind Sven Bullaert, the artist-entrepeneur

Some know him as the man who designed many successful bags with monkeys (Kipling), some as the founder of a sustainable fashion brand (I AM), some as the creator of an organic natural home (casa UMU), some as an inspiring coach and speaker, and some as a caring husband or father of four lovely children. Anyway, Sven is excitingly living his life. He's looking forward to meeting you and explaining more about his art and vision of entrepreneurship.

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What our Clients Say

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"The effect of the artwork we have at home is impressive. When I am stressed and look at it, I feel an instant reset towards inner peace. It's like it brings a constant flow of serenity. Amazing ... "

Ellen D.W., executive coach

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